ACES is destined to be more than another racquet sport retail business, with a vision and mission that blend business and community to serve a higher purpose.

Vision Statement: Become an industry leader and retailer of choice for racquet sports through successful business practices, partnerships, and community leadership.

Mission Statement: Grow and develop racquet sports through excellence in retail sales, investments, and partnerships that produce returns and resources required to build and sustain a world-class, earth-friendly ACES Racquet Center (ACESRC) in northern Arizona that can serve player educational, recreational, and competitive needs on local, regional, national, and international levels.

The ACES Website will provide a means for customers to make donations (e.g., round up on a purchases, keep the change program, and direct contributions).  In addition, much of ACES revenues will be donated to the racquet center project.  This organizational and continuous funding approach is critical to building and sustaining the facility, so it is available to players for generations to come.

Additional project details will be published on this website as business planning progresses.  Feedback and comments are welcome and can be sent to